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MacArthur Boulevard Corridor Plan

MacArthur Boulevard Corridor Project meetingMacArthur Boulevard  mapAlexandria Louisiana map

Prime: Frederic Schwartz Architects

Client: City of Alexandria, Louisiana

Services: Public meeting process planning and facilitation. Sustainability planning

Results: Four public workshops engaging a diversity of people on the needs for this busy corridor. North MacArthur Drive Program Completion Report

Time Period: 2010

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Tupelo, Mississippi Annexation Analysis

Tupelo MS mapTupelo Mississippi Annexation AnalysisTupelo sign

Prime: Fernandez Plans, LLC

Client: City of Tupelo, Mississippi

Services: Gathered and analyzed land use and demographic data

Results: Provided data for land use expert to reference during preparation and trial

Time Period: 2007-2010

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Bottomland Hardwood Forest Education Program

Bottomland Hardwood Forest Education Programfungal growth on logStudio in the Woods classroom guide cover

Client: A Studio in the Woods, New Orleans, Louisiana

Services: Worked with a group of educators, ecologists and artists to develop an education program exposing children to the disappearing bottomland hardwood forest landscape. Conducted program with 6th through 8th grade students from Algiers Charter Schools and one teacher workshop

Results: Reached 60 children and 15 educators. Wrote Nature’s Classroom: Adventures in a Bottomland Hardwood Forest Educator Guide, which can be used locally or adapted nationally

Time Period: 2006-2010

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CARE for St. Bernard

Chalmette RefineryCARE for St. BernardCARE for St. Bernard

Prime: Toxicological & Environmental Associates, Inc.

Client: St. Bernard Parish Government, Louisiana and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Services: Facilitated and coordinated seven public meetings for a Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) EPA program. Established broad-based collaboration and consensus to collect information, identify issues, prioritize problems and identify solutions. Provided technical writing and outreach

Results: Educated citizenry on air and water quality issues, and problems associated with recovery from Hurricane Katrina and land use issues. The CARE for St. Bernard Pollution Reduction Plan including a plan of action was created. Parish government, neighborhood groups and industry reference this guide to make improvements to clarify conflicts. The plan was officially adopted by the Parish Council in October 2008.

Time Period: 2008

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Unified New Orleans Plan

Unified New Orleans Plan mapUnified New Orleans Plan meetingUNOP

Prime: Frederic Schwartz Architects

Client: Mayor’s Office of New Orleans, Louisiana

Services: Public meeting process planning and facilitation, technical writing

Results: Recovery plan for Planning Districts 3 and 4 of the City of New Orleans after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Identified projects that would provide momentum for citywide and neighborhood recovery

Time Period: 2006-2007

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City of New Orleans Brownfields Inventory and Marketing

old gas stationold gas stationOpelousas property

Client: Mayor’s Office of Environmental Affairs, New Orleans, Louisiana

Services: Post-Katrina, assessed and catalogued general conditions of all properties listed and unlisted by the LA Department of Environmental Quality as having underground storage tanks (USTs) in the City of New Orleans. Identified “pivotal” parcels for Phase 1 assessment, clean-up and redevelopment. Developed, coordinated and facilitated two workshops focusing on UST property revitalization. Contributed to a program flyer for outreach purposes

Results: Chamber of Commerce members learned about Brownfields and real estate opportunities related to these properties. UST property owners also learned more about their properties and financial and clean-up tools available to them. Motivated several UST property owners to revitalize their sites
City had an up to date database of all UST properties with photos and written conditions available for people interested in redevelopment opportunities

Time Period: 2007

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Bayou St. John Comprehensive Management Plan

Canoeing on Bayou St. Johnlocks at Bayou St. JohnFishing on Bayou St. John

Client: Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, Metairie, Louisiana

Services: Facilitated committee and public meetings to form consensus about water flow, habitat, recreation, education and public access issues. Created a plan for all stakeholders and bayou managers to use. Provided outreach to advertise meetings and to distribute plans through printed materials and email correspondence

Results: A plan of action and management that neighborhood groups, environmental groups and government agencies agree upon and reference when making improvements along the bayou

Time period: 2004-2006

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Pontchartrain Beach Improvement Plan

Pontchartrain BeachPontchartrain Beach Improvement PlanPontchartrain Beach conceptual Design

Client: Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, Metairie, Louisiana

Services: Created and implemented a public participation strategy including surveys and charrettes. Facilitated committee meetings and public design charrettes to form consensus on beach improvements. Created a plan to be used as a guide for future improvements by stakeholders, especially the land owners and lease holders. Researched feasibility of action plan

Results: Consensus on keeping the beach “natural” with a few basic amenities. An action plan ready to be implemented by the land owner, lease holder and organized groups and individuals

Time Period: 2004-2006

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Orleans Local Coastal Program

house on marshlandhelicopter supporting Orleans Coastal programnew marsh growth in Orleans Coastal Program

Client: Mayor’s Office of Environmental Affairs, New Orleans, Louisiana

Services: Conducted wetland permit reviews, recommendations and mitigation activities. Coordinated marsh creation and planting projects. Engaged professional and residential communities in coastal restoration and wetlands issues. Conducted coastal restoration research and coordination to attain grants and partnerships

Results: First time the City of New Orleans got involved in the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Preservation and Restoration Act project process. First time the City of New Orleans conducted wetland plantings in Bayou Sauvage National Refuge and City Park. City was up to date on coastal permit applications and provided a solid interface with permitting assistance

Time Period: 2003-2007

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Ascension Parish Planning

Ascension Parish plantationAscension Parish Planningangel statue

Prime: Fernandez Plans, LLC

Client: Ascension Parish Government

Services: Identified best sustainability and historic preservation practices, assisted with public meeting presentations and gathering input

Results: Proposed Historic Preservation Ordinance, vision for future planning process, sustainability presentation

Time Period: 2005

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Canal Streetcar Line Event Planning

Canal St StreetcarStreetcar Cheer Their Return flyerCanal Street Streetcar

Prime: Fernandez Plans, LLC

Client: Regional Transit Authority

Services: Linked area businesses to advertise during event, coordinated concerts, talent and staging areas

Results: Celebration of the reintroduction of the Canal Streetcar Line

Time Period: 2004

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Szapary Strategies conducts research, writes proposals and manages grant-related processes for private, non-profit and public entities.
Funders to which successful grant applications were made include:

  • Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act
  • Entergy Corporation
  • Freeport McMoRan Foundation
  • GPOA Foundation
  • Greater New Orleans Foundation
    • Starbucks COAST Fund
    • Environmental Fund
  • Groundwork USA
  • Harrah’s/New Orleans City Council
  • Keller Family Foundation
  • Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
  • NOAA Community Based Program
  • PeyBack Foundation
  • Pontchartrain Restoration Program
  • Red Dress Run
  • RosaMary Foundation
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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